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Tease-Seditionem inter Sanguinem by dgj212 Tease-Seditionem inter Sanguinem :icondgj212:dgj212 0 0 Fu the Sailer Scout by dgj212 Fu the Sailer Scout :icondgj212:dgj212 2 2 Naruto and Fu Cosplay as Renten and Eureka, shaded by dgj212 Naruto and Fu Cosplay as Renten and Eureka, shaded :icondgj212:dgj212 6 2 Narufu Line art cosplay Eureka seven by dgj212 Narufu Line art cosplay Eureka seven :icondgj212:dgj212 4 6 Naruto and Fu at the beach colored by dgj212 Naruto and Fu at the beach colored :icondgj212:dgj212 6 7 Naruto and Fu at the beach by dgj212 Naruto and Fu at the beach :icondgj212:dgj212 0 11 Naruxfu comic sketch page 1 by dgj212 Naruxfu comic sketch page 1 :icondgj212:dgj212 0 5 Another attempt to draw Fu by dgj212
Mature content
Another attempt to draw Fu :icondgj212:dgj212 0 39
Looking Out the Window by dgj212 Looking Out the Window :icondgj212:dgj212 0 15 My attempt to draw Fu by dgj212 My attempt to draw Fu :icondgj212:dgj212 0 5
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A Little Lie: chap 4 :icondgj212:dgj212 7 49
A Little Lie: chap three
"Then it's agreed" said Ino "Naruto is engaged to Fu!"
"Ino, that's only an assumption and our evidence doesn't really support that conclusion, besides Naruto could be buying anything" stated Shikamaru.
"OH YEAH?" Ino said in a really load voice "Then how do you explain everything that's happened so far?"
"I don't; I just stay out of it because it is none of my business" was his smart ass reply.
"But if it does turnout to be an engagement like Ino said; then maybe we should cheer Naruto on, right" asked Shino.
"That is true" said Neji.
"But it's just like Shikamaru said, it's not our business" said Tenten.
"Then how about we help out our friend through this youthful ordeal in the most secretive and youthful manner!" Lee suggested in his weird way as usual.
"Lee's right, it's none of our business but we want to help Naruto so let's do it in secret. I mean seriously how hard would that be" asked Kiba.
"Not hard at all I mean seriously, it is Naruto" said Sakura.
Shikamaru's left eye star
:icondgj212:dgj212 9 57
A little Lie: Chap two
"OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW!" Naruto yelled as he was being slapped across the face repeatedly.
"This is what you get for running ahead of us without knowing where you're going!" Sakura yelled as she continued to slap Naruto side to side. When she was done there was smoke coming out of Naruto's cheeks.
Lee approached Sakura while she dropped Naruto on the ground "Ah Sakura, don't you think you went a little too-" Lee never got to finish his question as Sakura grabbed his face and slapped him really hard that he ended up bouncing to where Naruto was and, almost like Naruto, Lee had smoke coming of his right cheek and only his right cheek.
"And you could have stopped him!"
"OK Forehead that's enough don't you think?" Ino asked politely.
Sakura looked at the boys with smoking cheeks then let out a sigh "Yeah I guess your right…¬Ino-Pig."
As sparks were flying between them, Tenten decided it was best to end a fight before started. "Come on, let's not fight, we still h
:icondgj212:dgj212 11 17
Naruto Flower Release Chap 1
Naruto Uzumaki, eight year old boy, orphan, possibly the last Uzumaki and the holder/jailer of the nine tail fox, Kyuubi, was watering his flower. At first the flower was in bad condition, it was barely alive. Naruto had been going to the forest for strolls when he was done training. He found the poor thing in the picnic fields…
Flashback Two weeks ago:
Naruto was done training for the day. The sun was going down and he didn't want to wonder the streets of Konoha at night. It's not that he was scared but he was worry about being attacked out in the streets…again. Naruto is eight years old and was enrolled into the ninja academy. Some times he wished he never went to the academy. He was still scolded and separated from every one.
It was always about Sasuke. He always received so much praise while N
:icondgj212:dgj212 2 3
Light and dark
Light and darkness are the same.
When your in the dark you miss the light.
When your in the light you miss the dark.
When it is hot you wish for the cold.
When it is cold you miss the heat.
When you run through the hot day you wish it was night.
When you run through the cool night you wish for everlasting day.
Light and dark are the same yet they contradict each other.
Their both one half of coin.
Their both natural.
Their both favored by certain people and creatures.
Their both one part of an eclipse.
Their both necessary for life.
They both represent a human heart.
Most people are scared of what they can't see.
What if...what you were scared of was hidden in the light?
Would you hide the dark?
Would it be natural to prefer the darkness over the light.
Light reveals all colors.
Darkness reveals the colors inside a human heart.
If I were to look at you in the light I wouldn't be able to see you.
But what if I saw you in the dark, would you truly be clear?
Both light and dark come toget
:icondgj212:dgj212 3 2
A little lie: Chap 1
Search For Fu Ark Begins!
It was sunny in Konoha, Kids were out playing, genins were out doing D rank missions. Everybody in Konoha's 12 (Minus Sasuke) was doing their usual thing. Shikamaru is staring at the clouds, Ino is working at her family's flower shop, Sakura is doing voluntary work at the hospital, Choji is eating at an unknown restaurant, Tenten is practicing at the training ground with Neji and Lee, Kiba is playing with his now large dog Akimaru, Shino is out categorizing bugs, Sai is reading a book about comforting others, and Naruto is eating a couple bowls of ramen from his favorite restaurant while being stalked by Hinata.
It has been three week since team seven saw Sasuke and everybody was just relaxing for a while...well Hinata was worried for Naruto while he is worried about Sakura while everybody is worried about both Sakura and Naruto.
In the Hokage's everything was going the same as usual. THE DESK WAS PILLED HIGH WITH PAPERS! The fifth Hokage was writing like a de
:icondgj212:dgj212 10 138


Grandpa Hiashi gif by Fu-reiji Grandpa Hiashi gif :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 60 8 Socially awkward girl by mattwilson83 Socially awkward girl :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 33 10 Commission: Someone behind by Amenoosa Commission: Someone behind :iconamenoosa:Amenoosa 55 5 Midnight Rendezvous 1 by Fu-reiji Midnight Rendezvous 1 :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 131 9 Trust me by 4wearemanytoo Trust me :icon4wearemanytoo:4wearemanytoo 75 31 Commission: Naruto x Rangiku by Amenoosa Commission: Naruto x Rangiku :iconamenoosa:Amenoosa 111 22 Asuka x Homura beach date by Fu-reiji
Mature content
Asuka x Homura beach date :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 260 32
04 Hinata and Nodoka Miyazaki - negima by mattwilson83 04 Hinata and Nodoka Miyazaki - negima :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 89 11 from fun to serious by Fu-reiji from fun to serious :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 60 11 Clockblocker/Skitter (Worm) by nethernity Clockblocker/Skitter (Worm) :iconnethernity:nethernity 32 3 Worm -- Mannequin by DerTodesbote Worm -- Mannequin :icondertodesbote:DerTodesbote 187 16 Worm -- Leviathan 1 by DerTodesbote Worm -- Leviathan 1 :icondertodesbote:DerTodesbote 69 3 EroNinja Snapshots: Relationship restored by Shinteo EroNinja Snapshots: Relationship restored :iconshinteo:Shinteo 54 9 Happy Group Portrait by indy-riquez Happy Group Portrait :iconindy-riquez:indy-riquez 264 13 Chibi Fuu by Tenshi610 Chibi Fuu :icontenshi610:Tenshi610 10 0 Shocking Pink by Fu-reiji
Mature content
Shocking Pink :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 255 77


Today my teammates and I had a soccer game with another team and... we lost 6 to 1.


John and lets leave it at that
I like anime and writing fanfics, I like videogames and I recently got interested in drawing.

Oh and if anyone can do a NarutoxFuxYugito version of the Kissxsis opening I will praise you, no joke, I will get on my knees and praise you, not like a god but as someone awesome.


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